For athletes, coaches or anyone looking to improve mental performance. Grow an elite mindset using 8 pillars of mental performance mastery to get from where you are to where you want to be. Perform confidently at your highest level.

I will help you overcome mental barriers that trip you up, and help you build the habits, behaviors and routines that you need to achieve your goals and perform at the highest level confidently, even when it’s hard.

  • Pillar #1: Elite Mindset. …

    An elite mindset is how you see yourself, your situation, the world. It’s a shift in perspective because perspective is reality; it creates your reality. You might be the biggest, strongest, fastest athlete but if your mindset is off you will leave those skills in the gym and they won’t show up when the lights come on as consistently as needed.

  • Pillar #2: Motivation and Commitment. …

    Athletes need to be consistently focused and committed to clear goals and have a deep “why” so they are able to sustain the necessary motivation to achieve those goals.

  • Pillar #3: Focus and awareness. …
    Clients learn the importance of doing what they need to do right now. They learn to refocus after they make a mistake, so they don’t crack under pressure.

  • Pillar #4: Self-control and discipline. …
    Motivation and commitment get you going; self-control and discipline see it through. Clients will develop the skill set of self-control and discipline which are crucial for getting results. You will learn how to develop routines so you will rely less on willpower.

  • Pillar #5: Process over outcome. …

    The process is all the little steps needed to reach your goal and the outcome is your final destination. 

  • Pillar #6: Mental imagery and meditation. Everything happens twice- first in your mind then in reality.

    Five reasons why athletes should use Mental Imagery & Meditation:
    1. Stress reduction- which increases your ability to remain calm under pressure, and increase focus and concentration. You will relax in stressful situations and be confident.
    2. Improve sleep patterns & speed up recovery time from many common sports injuries.
    3. Boosts immune system thereby preventing illness that can hamper training/performance.
    4. Helps enhance endurance. Athletes who visualize accomplishing specific objectives, goals combined with breathing exercises train the body to work harder for longer periods of time in training and competition.
    5. Helps with an improved sense of identity, self and the body. Meditation helps you recognize your blind spots and awareness of each muscle which can help pin point an injury and prevent further damage. Meditation helps athletes who experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. These practices can help athletes through injury.

  • Pillar #7 Routines and Habits of Excellence

    Routines make you consistent so you can get into the ideal flow of life. Developing habits and routines are a cornerstone of mental toughness and will allow you to perform at a higher level more consistently and harness the power of routine to limit reliance on willpower. 

  • Pillar #8 Time Management and Organization
    Eliminating mundane daily decisions will help preserve energy and willpower so it can be used on more important things (performance, building new habits, etc.). Time is the great equalizer. Those who maximize their time and are most efficient gain a competitive edge.

3 Month Program Includes
8 Group Sessions with other teens
2 Individual Sessions