This is for athletes, coaches, parents, professionals,...anyone who wants to
become the best version of themself. The ACTIVATE YOUR HEROIC POTENTIAL WORKSHOP
will help you go to your next level by becoming the hero of your life's story.
You will learn what to do to flourish. Transform obstacles and challenges into fuel for your growth and create your personal protocol using the same framework that supports excellence and elite performance at the highest levels of the US Military, Professional Athletes, and Fortune 500 Organizations.

Some of the organizations using the Heroic framework are: The Yankees, The Chicago Bulls, Notre Dame Football Team, Military Special Operations Units, etc.

Event Details
Date & Time:

  • The Workshop is 3 hours
  • Date To Be Announced
  • Location: Mount Pleasant, SC or Virtual
  • Cost: $99  individuals
  • Groups: $1500 up to 20 participants
  •  Includes one year of the Heroic app for free ($100 value)

Goals & Expectations:

  • Learn how to flourish by putting your virtues (strengths) into action
  • Gain greater confidence in your capacity to move through challenges and achieve your goals
  • Know who you are at your best
  • Respond intentionally to life (not react) 
  • Create a collection of prior successes and leverage them

Workshop Format:

  • Live In-Person Interactive Workshop
  • Dynamic Activities and Group Exercises
  • Personalized Coaching and Feedback

Topics Covered:

1. Discovering Your Superpower
a. Identifying unique strengths and capabilities
b. Techniques to harness and amplify your potential

2. Closing the Gap
a. Simple steps to bridge the difference between who are and who you can become
b. Strategies for continuous personal development

3. Achieving Excellence
a. Achieving high-impact goals
b. Cultivating habits that lead to sustained excellence

What You Should Bring:

  • Bring a list of your top 10 accomplishments and/or things that you are proud of, mastery experiences you had, challenges you endured/overcame
  • Bring a list of 2-3 goals that you want to accomplish in the next 6-12 months. 
  • A notebook & pen. If it’s virtual, have about 20 index cards.
  • Water and very light snacks will be provided at in person events

Facilitator Info:

Sue Sobczak
– Certified Heroic Performance Coach and Workshop Leader
– International Coaching Federation Certified Coach
– Expert in personal development and personal performance
– Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel
– Nurse Practitioner, MSN, BSN
– Mom of 6 kids
– Ironman 70.3 Finisher


Heroic Public Benefit Corporation
– Dedicated to helping individuals realize their full potential
– Offering resources and support for lifelong growth

Excited to see you there!

Join us for an empowering experience that will help you activate your potential, fulfill your destiny, and achieve excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life!


Email me at with the names and number of people attending, and I will send you an invoice.